For some time now, it has been detected that some of the content, such as exclusive news, interviews and photographs, the legal copyrights of which belong to Tekstil Teknoloji, Technical Textiles & Nonwoven Technologies magazine, ITM News, ITM Daily News and the etextile magazine website, have been selectively or completely copied and appeared in some magazines published in Turkey without citing the source.

Teknik Fairs Inc. is the legal rights holder of the news, articles and images of all content shared in printed publications and websites. All news and interviews shared in these publications have been created with the great devotion and labor of our editors.

Unauthorized use of the news and interviews belonging to third parties without specifying the source and taking advantage of them by trying to present them to the public as their own is both a criminal offense within the framework of the law and is among the disgraceful crimes. We condemn in the strongest terms the real and legal persons who try to mislead the public and the customers they address in the textile sector by misrepresenting our private content as their own.

In addition, in accordance with the Law No. 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works, this situation is called ‘quoting without citing the source’ and ‘inadequate, inaccurate or deceptive citation’ and criminal sanctions are imposed on those who plagiarize.

In accordance with this warning, we would like to announce to the public that Teknik Fairs Inc. will take all necessary precautions by following up on plagiarism against our publications within the framework of its legal rights.

In the event of any violation and plagiarism that would constitute a crime in terms of the law after this warning, Teknik Fairs Inc. will initiate legal proceedings against these publications without warning.

We invite everyone to be particularly sensitive about this issue and to respect labor.

Respectfully Announced to the Public